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08-23-2016 Verbatim excerpt from letter received from Robert Decherd
7. Should the Park Department and Park Board choose to pursue Mr. Natinsky's proposal, PfDD would expect to be reimbursed by Mr. Natinsky's group for the $476,000 we will have expended for (a) the SWA schematic design that will be completed next month under our contract with the Park and Recreation Department, and (b) the traffic study we commissioned at the Department's behest with regard to the proposed closure of Live Oak Street between the Pacific Plaza land and Aston Park.
09-19-2016 Dallas Observer article
City Hall can work for you, just wake up and be Robert Decherd

09-20-2016 Email message from Councilman Lee Kleinman to his constituents advising them of an 8% tax rate increase which will result in the City collecting $66,000,000 more from the taxpayers next year. He is obviously not in favor of this tax rate increase but seems to be outvoted. So why would the City not accept a donation of a park and its maintenance and at the same time raise taxes to collect more money?

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   Tabitha Dunklin, Secretary                                            Telephone: 214-670-7817                        


Dear Constituents, 


On Wednesday, September 14, 2016 City Council proposed a $0.7842/$100 Property Tax Rate for the 2016-17 Fiscal Year.  


City Council will vote to adopt the proposed City of Dallas property tax rate at Council Briefing on Wednesday, September 21, 2016.  


The City of Dallas will raise taxes to the statutory limit which is an 8% increase. There is some confusion and mixed comparison of the COUNTY tax rate of about 24 cents and the CITY rate which is about 78 cents.  The City Council only has jurisdiction over the City rate.  The actual rate will come down about 1 cent due to less borrowing, but the actual taxes will go up due to the increase in property values. 


I've proposed $31 million in cuts, which would have amounted to a 3 cent tax cut.  Despite the fact that a reduction in City debt service will cause the rate to go down a small amount, the increased property values will result in a significant increase of $66,000,000 in property tax collected from current property owners.


I encourage you to contact the Mayor and other Council Members at .  


If you would like to speak at tomorrow's Council Briefing, you may register with the City Secretary's Office today by 5 pm at 217-670-3738.  


For more information, please view the complete agenda for Wednesday's briefing 

click here .


Should you have any further questions, please contact my office. 


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Dallas City Council Member, District 11