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We need your show of support if we are to make our vision for Pacific Plaza Park and Parking a reality. Remember, our plan does not require one penny of City or taxpayer funding.

Please use the Contact Form below to send us a support message. You can also email the Dallas City Council and let them know of your support. 

We've created a set of their names and links to their email address to make it easy for you to send your message to the City Council. The message is simple, you support our plan for the park and you don't see any reason to spend City or taxpayer dollars to make it a reality. Saving over $350 million in taxpayer dollars is a big deal to a City that needs more Police officers, pot holes filled, streets paved and other parks maintained.
Dallas City Council List and Contact email
Mayor Mike Rawlings
Monica Alonzo,Mayor Pro Tem, Dist 6
Erik Wilson, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem, Dist 8
Scott Griggs District 1
Adam Medrano, District 2
Casey Thomas, District 3
Caroloyn King Arnold, District 4
Rickey Callahan, District 5
Tiffinni Young, District 6
Mark Clayton, District 9
B Adam McGough, District 10
Lee Kleinman, District 11
Sandy Greyson, District 12
Jennifer Staubach Gates, District 13
Philip Kingston, District 14

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