Underground Parking
The City of Dallas Downtown Parks Master Plan update recommended that underground parking be included for Pacific Plaza. They even talked about the parking shortage. So why is the Decherd led Parks for Downtown Dallas against our plan? Especially when he paid for the Master Plan? We don't know.
Taxpayer Dollars
How much taxpayer money is being used?
For our proposal NONE!
Tough City Budget Year
The city is having a tough budget year, why would they not want to accept a FREE city park?
Why is parking important?
Because with parking the downtown tax base will grow by $10 billion
City Bond Vote
With all the needs, why include $7.5 million for a park that the City can get for FREE?
Park Maintenance
Why would the City not take a park that includes $342 million in park maintenance?
Police and Fire
If we don't have enough money for better pay for our Police and Fire departments, why spend taxpayer money on a park that the City can get for FREE?
If you want a park that is given to the City for FREE please email or call your City Councilmember Today, see Contact Page for their information

Comparison of the 4P Parks Foundation proposal to the Decherd Parks for Downtown Dallas proposal

This should make it easy to see the differences between the two proposals. Then you can make you own mind up as to which is better for the City. We don't believe we've left anything out of our proposal and it's FREE. Absolutely no taxpayer money for the park or for maintenance.