Activities at PacPark

As we work hard to make Pacific Plaza Park a reality we're already thinking about what is being created. Several people have already dubbed it PacPark for short. Here is a selection of the some of the ideas that have been whiteboarded as activities that could be hosted at PacPark

Concerts on the lawn

      A perfect place for 7,000 -12,000 people to have a great afternoon or evening outdoors
      Real outdoor concerts like you see on on TV with a stage and lighting
      The type of venue that will attract the big name artists of all types of music and comedy

Car Shows
      Perfect setting for a Cars and Coffee get together
      Local clubs or fans of antique, exotic, sports or muscle cars
      Maybe even a Mecum or Barrett-Jackson style auction on the lawn
      Cars could be pre-staged and prepped in the garage

Annual events
      Hosting an event like Earth Day, Art Fair or similar events in the perfect setting

Nascar/Indycar related events
      Leveraging with events at Texas Motor Speedway for a local extension
      Displaying race cars and event related booths

      Chili and Bar-B-Que cookoff contests
      Terlingua type Chili Cook Off events
      Start a Big Downtown Bar-B-Que Challenge
      Amateur cooking contests or demonstrations
      Restaurant week type events
      Smoke and smell of food pereating all of downtown

Athletic demonstrations
      Hosting events with the Dallas Cowboys, the Texas Rangers, Mavericks, SMU
      Autograph signing, small training demos on the lawn
      Baketball mini-playoffs and a meet the Mavericks up close and personal
      Cheerleader demonstrations

Host sporting events
      Sand volleyball, X-Sports, Crossfit competition, Ninja Warrior events, Drone races

Dog and Cat events
      Our version of the Westminster dog show
      Pet parades
      Vaccination and spay and neuter events
      Pet adoptions
      The Pacific Plaza Pet Parade
      Coordinate with Dallas Animal Services, SPCA and rescue groups

Marching band concerts
      High school band demonstrations
      Coordinate with Cotton Bowl events

Armed Forces exhibitions
      Land a helicopter
      Know your Armed Forces
      Veteran related events
      ROTC events in coordination with DISD
      Vehicle, equipment  and skills demonstrations

Annual music festival
      Leverage with internationally renowned UNT Jazz program for events
      Coordinate with SMU music program
      High school music night

      Ally with the Nasher, the DMA and others to bring the arts and sculpture to PacPark
      Real starving artists shows
      Amateur hour for the arts
      Kiddie painter day in the park
      Demonstrations of artists

      Major holiday events in the park
      Coordinate with the Christmas parade to start or end in the park
      Host small holiday village with vendors and entertainment like in European cities
      Pumkin patch or Christmas tree sales

State Fair Annex
      Coordinate with the State Fair to bring a touch of the Fair to downtown

Mardi Gras at PacPark

Market festivals

The sky's the limit at PacPark