Free City Park

About the Park

Our proposal includes building Pacific Plaza Park on the existing site of a surface asphalt parking lot and combining that with two adjacent properties, Aston Park and Challenger Park. The entire size of the park will be 3.49 acres of green open space in the heart of downtown Dallas.

The park is designed with three interfaced spaces, a Great Lawn, a Promenade Predestrian Mall and a Garden Terrace. Each space is designed to serve a different purpose while blending seamlessly with the adjoining spaces.

The park design includes a full spectrum of amenities. These will include Wi-Fi, drinking fountains, furniture, and shade structures. We've also thought about the children and dogs. There will a spray park and enclosed dog area. And a park would not be a park without trees. We have included the appropriate tree coverage both in the park and the surrounding pedestrian sidewalks. A unique motorcourt is being placed at the Harwood side of the promenade pedestrian way for those that wish to valet park.

Designed into the Garden Terrace is a space for a unique restaurant and coffee shop. And conveniently located on top of the Garden Terrace is a deck area for relaxing and providing a spectacular view over the entire park. And not to forget the food trucks. A special area has been designed for food truck parking with adjacent shade and seating areas.

Programming for the park will be very important. We are planning a full range of appropriate activities to keep the park really busy. Take a look at the Activities Page to get an idea of what we have in mind.

We may have missed something, but we're open to any input for suggestions that will make Pacific Plaza Park and Parking a huge success. You can send your suggestions using the Contact Us form.

About the Parking

Beneath the park will be a parking facility for 1526 cars. The facility will serve the adjoining office, residential and hotels buildings along with providing visitor parking for building and park use. The facility will be equipped with the latest technology and security features. These include LED lighting, parking guidance signage and space availability signals. We have designed a unique motorcourt on the Harwood side for those that would like to utilize valet parking.
About the Foundation

The 4P team has formed a 501c3 non-profit Foundation to operate the park. The Foundation is entirely independent of the 4P team. While 4P will operate the parking facility, the Foundation has complete control over the Park and Park Programing. The Foundation Board of Directors are a diverse group with a strong desire to help make Dallas a great city.  They are dedicated to making Pacific Plaza Park and Parking a huge success. The Foundation will also be responsible for Park maintenance but the funding sources will be provided through 4P. This maintenance funding is valued at $342 million through the term of the project.

The maintenance aspect of our proposal to the City is not to be understated. Currently the City has parks all over the city that were great when they opened but are now is disrepair due to lack of funding. There is no sense in building a new park if the proper funding sources for maintenance are not in place to keep the park great. That is why we stepped up and made the maintenance part of our proposal. We want Pacific Plaza Park to continue to be great.