Free City Park
Who would not want a fully funded FREE city park?

Home is designed to help educate taxpayers about the Dallas 4P Parks Foundation's plan to build Pacific Plaza Park and Parking and gift it to the City of Dallas. This will be a debt free park and includes all associated maintenance expenses covered for the term of the project.

Yes, the Foundation wants to donate a FREE park to the City of Dallas and its citizens.

The Foundation wants to ensure that correct information regarding the plan is available to the citizens of Dallas. You can read more about the plan and why we even have to go to this effort below.
Rendering of Pacific Plaza Park and Parking proposal
Pacific Plaza Park and Parking

The Foundation's plan for Pacific Plaza Park and Parking is to build a 3.49 acre public city park at no cost to the City. The site of the park is currently an asphalt surface parking lot. The new park would be operated by a non-profit foundation for the benefit of the citizens of Dallas. Below the ground level park will be a subterranean 1526 car parking facility that will serve the surrounding office, residential and hotel buildings along with visitor parking and park parking.
This sounds fantastic,
What's the problem?

You would think it would be a "no brainer" to donate a 'no cost' park to the City. Especially since the Foundation is not asking for one penny of City or taxpayer money.

Yes, we are building an $85 million project that includes a public park at no cost to the City that will be run by a newly created 501c3. Future park maintenance valued at $342 million is included in our proposal.

Simply put there is a competing proposal. Although our team has been working on our proposal for almost three years at no charge to the city, we find ourselves in a situation where we have to mount an informational campaign to get our story out. The competing proposal is being forwarded by the former Chairman and a current shareholder and director of the Dallas Morning News. As you might imagine, we don't believe we are getting a fair shake in that paper.

To add to the problem, we seem unable to get on the agenda at the Park Board. We don't know why but again we have suspicions. In the end, The City Council needs to make this decision for the citizens of Dallas and we believe a FREE CITY PARK is the right decision.

Please see the About the Park page for more details on the project.

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